Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2011; 59(2(3)): 1369-1373

Published online August 12, 2011

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The European Effort on the Evaluation and Validation of Nuclear Data for Fusion Technology Applications

U. Fischer, P. Batistoni, E. Dupont, R. A. Forrest, H. Hendrikson, J. Izquierdo, J.-C. Sublet


An overview is presented of the European Fusion File (EFF) and the European Activation File (EAF) efforts which aim at developing qualified nuclear data bases and validated computational tools for nuclear calculations of fusion systems tailored to the specific needs of the European fusion programme. The related tasks are conducted in the frame of the Fusion for Energy (F4E) work programme and are devoted to the evaluation, processing, testing and benchmarking of required nuclear cross section and uncertainty data, the development of computational tools for sensitivity/uncertainty calculations, and to conduct integral benchmark experiments exploiting also new measurement techniques. The data evaluations are integrated into the Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File (JEFF) after having passed a series of qualification tests including their validation through computational analyses of integral benchmark experiments.

Keywords: Experiments, Nuclear Data, Fusion Technology, Validation, Benchmark