Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Fluids, Plasma, and Phenomenology

J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2010; 57(6): 1397-1400

Published online December 15, 2010

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Long-range Particle Manipulation in a Micro-capillary Tube by Using a Flexural Acoustic Wave

In-Kag Hwang, Eun-Sun Kim, Nari Kim, Young-Ho Kim, Kwang Jo Lee


We report one-dimensional manipulation of dry Ag particles in micro-capillary tube using flexural acoustic wave propagating along the tube. The capillary tube is used as a mechanical guide for both the particles and the acoustic wave, resulting in the effective interaction between them over long range of 14 cm in length. Linear transport and local trapping of the particles are demonstrated by the excitation of traveling and standing acoustic waves, respectively. The mechanisms for the particle movements are qualitatively explained by frictional forces between the particles and inner wall of the capillary tube.

Keywords: , , , acoustic manipulaton, , , ultrasound, particle trapping, particle transport, ,