Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2009; 55(5(1)): 1920-1924

Published online November 14, 2009

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? The Study of dielectric constant change of a-SiC:H films deposited by remote PECVD with low deposition temperatures

Doojin Choi, Sunghyuk Cho



a-SiOC:H films were deposited by a remote PECVD system using HMDS as a precursor. The H2 gas and C2H2 gas were used as carrier gas and dilution gas, respectively. The flow rate of C2H2 gas was fixed at 3 sccm. The deposition temperature was varied between 100¡? to 200¡? to study the effect of temperature on the film stoichiometry and bonding properties which can affect the changes of dielectric constant of the deposited films. RTA treatment was conducted to determine the thermal stability and any changes in the dielectric constant. The change of carbon hybridization bonds caused by different deposition temperatures played an important role in the changes of the dielectric constant.

Keywords: Sic, low-k, PECVD, HMDS