Journal of the Korean Physical Society

pISSN 0374-4884 eISSN 1976-8524


J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 53(9(5)): 2985-2988

Published online November 15, 2008

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Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence from ZnO/Zn0.85Mg0.15O Heterostructure Grown on Si(111) Substrates

L. P. Zhu, X. Q. Gu, H. P. He, F. Huang, M. X. Qiu, Z. Z. Ye, Y. Z. Zhang and B. H. Zhao


A ZnO/Zn$_{0.85}$Mg$_{0.15}$O single quantum well (SQW) was fabricated on a Si(111) substrate by using a pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique. Photoluminescence (PL) measurements were carried out in the range of 10 $-$ 290 K in order to investigate the mechanism of carrier dynamics. At 10 K, the sample exhibited two predominant ultraviolet emissions, one at 3.57 eV and the other at 3.38 eV, which were attributed to recombinations of localized excitons (LE band) in the barrier and the well layers, respectively. The quantum well emission showed a blue shift of nearly 20 meV with respect to the epitaxial ZnO films. We also observed that the carrier localization resulted in an "S-shaped" red-blue-red shift of the $sim$3.38 eV emission with increasing temperature.

Keywords: ZnO, Quantum well, Thin film, Photoluminescence