Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online July 15, 2008

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Structural and Optical Properties of Zn(1-x)CdxO Solid Solutions Grown on ZnO Substrates by Using MO-CVD

A. Lusson, N. Han?che, V. Sallet, P. Galtier, V. Mu?oz-Sanjos?, J. Z?niga-P?rez, S. Agouram, J. A. Bastos Segura and E. Leroy

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 53(1), 158 - 162 (2008)


Zn$_{(1-x)}$Cd$_x$O solid solutions with a composition ranging from pure ZnO up to $x$ = 0.07 have been grown on ZnO substrates by using metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MO-CVD). The alloy concentration was carefully measured using a Castaing electron microprobe. The measured lateral homogeneity of the alloy was around 0.1 \%. Two different photoluminescence lines were observed on Zn$_{(1-x)}$Cd$_x$O alloys. At low temperature, a localized exciton line was identified and a second line appeared at higher energy for intermediate temperatures. This effect is interpreted as a delocalization effect of excitons trapped in potential fluctuations related to a local alloy disorder.

Keywords: ZnO, ZnCdO, Alloys, MO-CVD, Photoluminescence, Exciton, Localization