Unipolar Resistive Switching of EuxOy Polycrystalline Films
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 53: 700~703
Published online August 14, 2008 © 2008 The Korean Physical Society.

Polycrystallized Eu$_x$O$_y$ thin films show unipolar resistive switching. The ratios of the resistance values of the high-resistance state to those of the low-resistance state are as large as 10$^8$. The deposited Eu$_x$O$_y$ thin films show mixed phases, Eu$_2$O$_3$ and Eu$_3$O$_4$. The relative concentration of the phases could be controlled by using the oxygen gas flow rate during growth. A high oxygen concentration leads to broadening the distribution of the switching voltages, inducing transitions between the high-resistance state and the low-resistance state. We observe that the distribution of the switching voltage from the high-resistance state to the low-resistance state (V$_{SET}$) is smaller than or comparable to that of the switching voltage inducing the opposite transition (V$_{RESET}$) in well-controlled Eu$_x$O$_y$ thin films.
Keywords: Resistive switching, EuO, Thin films

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