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Published online October 15, 2007

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Study on a Spatial 3-Degree-of-Freedom Micromanipulator Employing Displacement Magnifying Four-Revolute-Flexure Hinges

Sang-Joon Yoon, Jae-Yong Park, Won-Gu Lee, Seog-Young Han and Byung-Joo Yi

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 51(4), 1419 - 1426 (2007)


The micromanipulators basically require sufficient workspace and high natural frequency. However, previous designs have difficulty in satisfying the required workspace and natural frequency simultaneously, because the previous micromanipulators are coupled designs. In this study, a previous design was analyzed from the viewpoint of the axiomatic design. Then, a new design parameter, displacement magnifier, which transforms a coupled design into a decoupled design, was suggested. And a design procedure based on an axiomatic design was suggested. A spatial 3-degrees-of-freedom parallel-type micromanipulator was chosen as an exemplary device. According to the suggested design procedure, the micromanipulator having the required natural frequency was designed in the first step, and then the displacement magnifier satisfying the required workspace was designed sequentially. As a consequence, the micromanipulator has a natural frequency of 500 Hz and workspace of $-0.5^circ imes 0.5^circ$. To verify the effectiveness of the manipulator and displacement magnifiers, simulations and experiments were performed. It is verified that the manipulator and the displacement magnifiers implemented work very well for satisfying the required natural frequency and workspace.

Keywords: Micromanipulator, Displacement magnifier, Natural frequency, Workspace, Axiomatic design

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