Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2006; 49(9(6)): 245

Published online December 20, 2006

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Key Features in the Assembly of the KSTAR TF Magnets

K. M. Kim, H. L. Yang, H. K. Kim, S. T. Kim, C. H. Choi, N. I. Her, J. S. Bak, G. T. Lee, J. H. Lee and Y. J. Oh


The TF (Toroidal Field) magnet system of the KSTAR (Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research) is under fabrication and assembly work. After the vacuum vessel (VV) is accurately installed on the tokamak pit, each of the 16 TF magnets is individually inserted into the torus of the VV through a 22.5$^circ$ gap, toroidally rotated by the main assembly tool system, and set in its regular position. At the end of August 2005, 6 TF magnets of the 16 have been successfully assembled within an assembly tolerance $pm $1.00 mm. The conical bolts and shear keys in the inter-coil structure of the TF magnet are assembled with conical spacers and half cylindrical spacers to assemble easily and to provide convenient adjustment for good alignment. As there are accumulated shifts of the TF magnet to the toroidal direction in the progress of assembly, the thickness of the insulation attached on the cover side of the TF magnet is regulated to adjust its shifts. After every TF magnet is assembled and pre-loaded, the magnetic axis of the KSTAR tokamak, the so called `Tokamak Datum', will be accurately defined.