Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Application and Devices

Published online September 15, 2006    

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Lanthanum-Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

Eun-Joo Lee, Myoung-Gyun Ko, Beom-Yong Kim, Sang-Kyun Park, Heon-Do Kim and Jong-Wan Park

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 49(3), 1243 (2006)


Lanthanum oxide is suited as a gate oxide that can replace SiO$_2$ due to its high dielectric constant with a band gap of 4.3 eVcite{1} and its thermal stability with silicon. In this work, La$_2$O$_3$ thin films was performed on Si substrates by using plasma -enhanced atomic layer deposition with La(EtCp)$_3$ as the lanthanum precursor and O$_3$ as the reactant gas. The fully saturated growth rate of lanthanum oxide films was 0.2 AA/cycle at a plasma power of 500 W. Secondary ion mass spectrometry and Rutherford backscattering measurements detected no carbon impurity content.