Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Application and Devices

Published online September 15, 2006    

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A New Design of a Micro Flow Sensor for Wide-Range Flow Sensing

Wan-Young Chung

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 49(3), 1225 (2006)


A new 2-D silicon micro flow sensor structure with multiple temperature sensing elements was proposed and numerically simulated in considering wide range flow measurement properties. The micro flow sensor has three pairs of temperature sensing elements with a central heater compared with a typical sensor which has only a temperature sensing element on each side of a central heater. The central heater and the temperature detecting element pairs, 20 $mu$m in width, were patterned from a Pt/Ti(2000/300 AA) double layer, and the space distance from the central heater to the temperature sensors was 220 $mu$m. The suggested new micro flow sensor structure with triple temperature sensing elements on each side showed an accurate sensitivity over a very wide flow range from flow velocities of 0 to 2.0 m/sec.