Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Application and Devices

Published online September 15, 2006    

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Electrical Characterization of Si Nanoparticles Embedded in SiO2 Thin Films

Yang Do Kim, Eun Kyu Kim, Soojin Lee and Woon Jo Cho

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 49(3), 1192 (2006)


A floating gated quantum dot memory using threshold shifting from charges stored in nanoparticles of silicon is expected to be promising candidate for future nonvolatile memory devices. Silicon nanoparticles of 1 $sim$ 5 nm in diameter embedded in SiO$_2$ thin films were made by using an ultrasound induced solution method. SiO$_2$ layers were deposited by RF magnetron sputtering in pure Ar gas. The substrate temperatures was changed from room temperature to 200 $^circ$C under the same deposition conditions. From the capacitance-valtage measurements of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors fabricated with the Si nanopaticles in the SiO$_2$ layer, the flat-band voltages changed by about 4.8 V due to charging and discharging to the nanoparticles