Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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General, Mathematical, and Statistical Physics

Published online July 15, 2006    

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A Classification of Plane Symmetric Kinematic Self-Similar Solutions

M. Sharif and Sehar Aziz

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 49(1), 21 (2006)


In this paper, we provide a classification of plane symmetric kinematic self-similar perfect-fluid and dust solutions. In the perfect-fluid and dust cases, kinematic self-similar vectors of the first, second, zeroth, and infinite kinds for the tilted, orthogonal, and parallel cases have been explored with different equations of state. We obtain a total of eleven plane symmetric kinematic self-similar solutions out of which six are independent. The perfect-fluid case gives two solutions: infinite tilted and infinite orthogonal kinds of self-similarity. In the dust case, we have four independent solutions: first orthogonal, infinite tilted, infinite orthogonal, and infinite parallel kinds of self-similarity. The remaining cases are not consistent. It is interesting to mention that some of these solutions turn out to be vacuum.