Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Particles and Nuclei

Published online January 15, 2006    

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Particularities of ZnSe-Based Scintillators for a Spectrometry of Charged Particles and Gamma Quanta

W. G. Lee, Y. K. Kim, J. K. Kim, H. J. Seo, V. Ryzhikov, N. Starzhinskiy, O. Vyagin, K. Katrunov and O. Zelenskaya

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 48(1), 47 (2006)


The spectrometric characteristics of zinc-selenide-based scintillators under alpha, beta, and gamma excitations have been investigated. The optimal conditions of signal collection for energy resolution measurements have been determined. The resolution of ZnSe(O)-Si-PD (PD = photodiode) for alpha particles ($^{239}$Pu, E = 5.15 MeV) is 3.1 \%; for the beta particles ($^{207}$Bi, E = 976 keV), it is 3.7 \%; and for gamma quanta ($^{137}$Cs, E = 662 keV), it is 6.3 \%. High light output, satisfactory energy resolution, and an $alpha/gamma$ ratio which close to one allow for application of ZnSe-based scintillators for alpha particle, beta particle, and gamma quanta identification.