Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online June 30, 2005    

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Determination of the Crystalline x-Axis of Quartz by Second-Harmonic Phase Measurement

Yoonnam JEON, Haesik MIN, Doseok KIM and Masahito OH-E

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 46(9(6)), 159 (2005)


Second-harmonic phase measurement was used to determine the $x$-axis (including the direction) of $y$-cut quartz crystal by measuring the phase of the second-harmonic signal. The reference second-harmonic signal for the determination of the phase was generated from 50-$mu$m-thick reference quartz ($z$-cut quartz) in the beam path after the sample. Clear interference fringes were observed by changing the relative phase between the second-harmonic electric field from the sample and the reference by rotating the fused quartz plate in between. The second-harmonic signal with input field parallel to the $x$-axis became different from that with input field antiparallel to the $x$-axis in the presence of an interfering reference field, thus allowing us to determine the direction of the crystalline axis of quartz.