Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online March 29, 2024

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Hole induced half-metallic 2H VSe2 thin film with high Curie temperature and optical transparency

Ganie Suhail Ahmad, Jisang Hong

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 84(6), 462 - 469 (2024)


Our Study systematically explores thickness-dependent magnetic and optical properties in 2H VSe2 films. We observe a transition from antiferromagnetic(AFM) to ferromagnetic(FM) states with increasing film thickness and critical hole carrier doping concentrations. Notably, a half-metallic behavior is observed, with consistent local magnetic moments for V atoms and negatively induced moments for Se atoms. Despite a slight reduction with increasing film thickness, the curie temperature remains significantly above 300K, ensuring FM state stability. Additionally, refractive index and reflectivity increase with layer thickness, indicating potential applications in optical devices. Overall, our findings suggest promising applications of hole-doped 2H VSe2 in spintronics and optical devices based on magnetic materials.