Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online June 30, 2023

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40-W 352-nm single-frequency nanosecond pulsed rod-type fiber laser

Yong‑Ho Cha, Byungjae Chun, Hyunmin Park

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 82(12), 1157 - 1162 (2023)


High-power single-frequency ultraviolet laser pulses are generated by third-harmonic generation of 1056-nm laser pulses from a Yb-doped fiber laser system. The fiber laser system utilizes a rod-type fiber in its final amplifier for the generation of 108-W 1056-nm laser pulses, and two LBO crystals are used for the efficient second- and third-harmonic generation, respectively. The average output power of 352-nm laser is more than 40 W at a repetition rate of 900 kHz, and the pulse duration is 12 ns with a measured linewidth of less than 150 MHz, which is ideal for the isotope-selective photo-dissociation of formaldehyde molecules.