Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online March 31, 2023

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Nuclear physics research at CENS

S. Ahn, D. S. Ahn, S. Kim, C. B. Moon, T.‑S. Park, K. I. Hahn

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 82(6), 537 - 546 (2023)


The Center for Exotic Nuclear Studies (CENS) at the Institute for Basic Science was founded in December, 2019, to address many fundamental problems in nuclear physics and astrophysics. CENS is a rare isotope nuclear research center and consists of four research groups (nuclear structure, nuclear reaction, nuclear astrophysics and nuclear theory). The center has shown remarkable research outputs and capabilities in experimental and theoretical exotic nuclear studies during last two years. Experimental devices are under development extensively at CENS and they will be used for performing key nuclear studies at rare isotope facilities including RIKEN(Japan), FRIB(US), and RAON in Korea.