Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online March 15, 2023

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Symmetric Trotterization in digital quantum simulation of quantum spin dynamics

Yeonghun Lee

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 82(5), 479 - 485 (2023)


A higher-order Trotterization can reduce the Trotter error in digital quantum simulation. Quantum many-body spin dynamics of the transverse-field Ising model are simulated to study second-order symmetric Trotterization in terms of Trotter error. The work presents a pedagogical way to use a real quantum computer, and the prototype superconducting quantum device evaluates the symmetric Trotterization. The finding shows that apart from quantum errors like logical gate error and readout error, higher-order Trotterization should be used with caution, and the Trotter error would play a minor role in early implementations of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices.