Journal of the Korean Physical Society

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Published online August 14, 2018

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Magneto-optical Transitions of GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Wells

Yongmin Kim1, J. D. Song2, Y. Kohama3

J. Korean Phys. Soc. 73(3), 338 - 342 (2018)

1Department of Physics, Dankook University, Cheonan 31116, Korea

2Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul 02792, Korea
3Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-8581, Japan

Correspondence to:Yongmin Kim


We report photoluminescence (PL) transitions of an undoped GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well structure containing four different quantum wells (3, 5, 7 and 10 nm) under pulsed magnetic fields to ∼ 50 T. At B = 0T, the PL peak transition energies from each quantum wells are compared with the calculated values containing exciton binding energy corrections. In this way, we determined the exact quantum well widths, which were different from the expected values based on the growth parameters. By fitting the exciton diamagnetic shifts extracted from the magneto-PL spectra, we estimate various parameters, including dimensionality parameters, diamagnetic coefficients and magnetic-to-Coulomb energy ratio.

Keywords: Semiconductor quantum well, Photoluminescence, Diamagnetic shift