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J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2011; 59(2(3)): 1813-1816

Published online August 12, 2011

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Improved Neutron Capture Cross Section Measurements with the n_TOF Total Absorption Calorimeter

E. Mendoza, V. Becares, A. Casado, D. Cano-Ott, M. Fernandez-Ordonez, E. Gonzalez-Romero, C. Guerrero, T. Martinez, J. J. Vidriales, J. Andrzejewski, J. Marganiec, J. Perkowski, L. Audouin, B. Berthier, L. Tassan-Got, V. Avrigeanu, M. Mirea, F. Becvar, M. Krticka, F. Belloni, P. M. Milazzo, E. Berthoumieux, F. Gunsing, F. Calvino, G. Cortes, M. B. Gomez-Hornillos, S. Andriamonje, M. Brugger, M. Calviani, F. Cerutti, E. Chiaveri, A. Ferrari, Y. Kadi, E. Lebbos, R. Losito, V. Vlachoudis, C. Carrapico, I. F. Goncalves, R. Saarmento, P. Vaz, N. Colonna, S. Marrone, M. Moinul, G. Tagliente, V. Variale, I. Dillmann, C. Domingo-Pardo, M. Heil, I. Duran, C. Paradela, D. Tarrio, S. Ganesan, G. Giubrone, J. L. Tain, F. Gramegna, P. F. Mastinu, S. Harrisopulos, K. Ioannides, D. Karadimos, E. Jericha, H. Leeb, C. Weiss, F. Kappeler, C. Lederer, A. Pavlik, A. Wallner, M. Lozano, J. Prena, J. M. Quesada, C. Kappeler, C. Lederer, A. Pavlik, A. Wallner, M. Lozano, J. Prena, J. M. Quesada, C. Massimi, G. Vannini, A. Mengoni, A. Ventura, M. Mosconi, R. Nolte, R. Vlastou


The n_TOF collaboration operates a Total Absorption Calorimeter (TAC) [1] for measuring neutron capture cross-sections of low-mass and/or radioactive samples. The results obtained with the TAC have led to a substantial improvement of the capture cross sections of 237Np and 240Pu [2].The experience acquired during the first measurements has allowed us to optimize the performance of the TAC and to improve the capture signal to background ratio, thus opening the way to more complex and demanding measurements on rare radioactive materials. The new design has been reached by a series of detailed Monte Carlo simulations of complete experiments and dedicated test measurements. The new capture setup will be presented and the main achievements highlighted. KEYWORDS: ND2010, nuclear data, n extunderscore TOF, background, Monte Carlo, neutron, time of flight, cross section, calorimeter, shielding, simulation, total absorption, gamma ray, neutron capture.

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