Magnetocaloric Effect in Heat-treated Fe90?xYxZr10 (x = 0, 5, 10) Alloys
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2010; 57: 1605~1608
Published online December 15, 2010 © 2010 The Korean Physical Society.

The magnetocaloric effect for as-quenched and heat-treated Fe90-xYxZr10 (x=0,5,10) alloys has been carried out to compare with Fe91-xYxZr9 (x=0,5,8) alloys. Samples were prepared by single roller melt spinning and the alloys were annealed one hour at 500 OC. Temperature dependence of the entropy variation ??SM was found to appear in the vicinity of the Curie temperature. The results show that heat-treated Fe90-xYxZr10 alloys have a larger magnetocaloric effect than that those in as-quenched alloys. The larger value was 1.47 J/kg K for annealed Fe85Y5Zr10 alloy and 0.90 for as-quenched Fe85Y5Zr10 alloy, respectively. In the previous work, the magnetic entropy change reaches a higher value of about 1.22 J/kg K for Fe86Y5Zr9 sample annealed at 500 OC, while it is about 0.89 J/kg K at 284 K for as-quenched alloy. These results indicate that the present alloys are one of candidates as working materials for magnetic refrigerations by proper annealing and tuning the element content.
Keywords: Magnetocaloric effect, Isothermal magnetization, Magnetic entropy change, ,

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