Scintillation Properties of a Cs2NaCeBr6 Crystal under X-ray, $gamma$-ray and Proton Irradiations
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2009; 54: 2098~2101
Published online May 15, 2009 © 2009 The Korean Physical Society.

In this paper, the crystal growth and scintillation properties of aCs$_{2}$NaCeBr$_{6}$ crystal are presented. The crystal was grownwith the Bridgman method by using a two-zone transparent furnace.The investigation of the scintillation properties of the crystalwere performed under excitation by X-rays, $gamma$-rays and protonsat room temperature. When the Cs$_{2}$NaCeBr$_{6}$ crystal wasexcited by X-rays and protons, the emission spectrum of the crystalwas observed in the range of 380 $sim$ 460 nm, which is due to the5d $ o$ 4f transitions of Ce$^{3+}$. The decay times of theCe$^{3+}$ emission excited by $^{137}$Cs 662 keV $gamma$-rays. wereabout 140 ns (94 \%) and 880 ns (6 \%). The energy resolution of thecrystal was obtained to be 6.7 \% for the $^{137}$Cs 662 keV$gamma$-rays and the absolute light yield of theCs$_{2}$NaCeBr$_{6}$ crystal was about 25,000 phs/MeV.
Keywords: Bridgman, Cs$_{2}$NaCeBr$_{6}$, Proton, Scintillation

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