Studies of N-Doped p-ZnO Layers Grown on c-Sapphire by Radical Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 53: 3016~3020
Published online November 15, 2008 © 2008 The Korean Physical Society.

We report on the fabrication of p-type ZnO:N layers using radical-source molecular beam epitaxy and post-growth annealing of the samples. Plasma-activated oxygen and nitrogen fluxes are supplied via a single plasma cell. The combination of low growth temperature (350 $-$ 400 $^circ$C), slightly O-rich conditions, and post-growth annealing in the range of 650 $-$ 800 $^circ$C results in efficient nitrogen p-doping with Hall hole concentration 3 $ imes$ 10$^{17}$ cm$^{-3}$. The details of the structural and the electrical characterizations of the films are discussed.
Keywords: Molecular beam epitaxy, Plasma activated oxygen, Nitrogen, ZnO layers, p-doping

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