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Effect of Thermal Annealing on the Structure, Morphology, and Electrical Properties of Mo Bottom Electrodes for Solar Cell Applications
Jun-Ho Cha, K. Ashok, N. J. Suthan Kissinger, Yong-Ho Ra, Jae-Kwan Sim, Jin-Soo Kim, Cheul-Ro Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2011; 59: 2280-2285  
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Photoluminescence Properties of ZnO Thin Films Grown Using Hydrothermal Technique
In-hwan Lee, Trilochan Sahoo, Lee-Woon Jang, Ju-Won Jeon, Myoung Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, Joon-Seop Kwak, Jaejin Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2010; 56: 809-812  
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Effects of the formation temperature of Au + Ga solid solution droplets on the growth behaviors of GaN nanowires on Si(111) by using MOCVD
Cheul-Ro Lee, Eun-Su Jang, Yong-Ho Ra, Young-Min Lee, Heon Song, Dong-Wook Kim, R. Navamathavan, Jin-Soo Kim, In-Hwan Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2009; 55: 1496-1500  
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Electrical Resistivities and TCR Behavior of Co-Sputtered TaN-(Ag, Cu) Nanocomposites
In-Soo Park, Seong-Hun Na, Jin-Soo Kim, Seung-Kyu Lim, Tae-Sung Kim, Su-Jeong Suh, Jung-Won Lee, Yul-Kyo Chung, Young-Soo Oh
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2009; 54: 2323-2326  
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GaN Nano-Column Growth on a Si(111) Substrate by Using a Pt+GaAlloy Seeding Method with MOCVD
Eun-Su Jang, Seon-Ho Lee, Heon Song, Kannappan Santhakumar, Dong-Wook Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, In-Hwan Lee, Cheul-Ro Lee, Joo-In Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 53: 2692-2695  
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Performance Evaluation of Carbon-Interspaced Anti-Scatter Grids in Mammography: Empirical Formula and Monte Carlo Simulation Studies
Doh-Yun Jang, Do-Il Kim, Chun-Joo Park, Bo-Young Choe, Tae-Suk Suh, Nag-Kun Jung, Jin-Soo Kim, Seong-Weon Seo, Won Seong and Hyoung-Koo Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 53: 863-867  
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Growth and Evaluation of GaN Grown on Patterned Sapphire Substrates
Dong-Hun Kang, Eun-Su Jang, Heon Song, Dong-Wook Kim, Jin-Soo Kim, In-Hwan Lee, Santhakumar Kannappan and Cheul-Ro Lee
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 52: 1895-1899  
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Effect of a Buffer Layer on the Perpendicular Anisotropy for Co-Pt Alloy Thin Films
Geun-Hee Jeong, Jin-Soo Kim, Jung-Kab Park, Chang-Hyoung Lee and Su-Jeong Suh
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2008; 52: 1854-1857  
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Growth and Dielectric Properties of Pb5Ge3O11 Films on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si
Dae-Hwang Yoo, Jin-Soo Kim, Ho Sueb Lee, Chang Hee Chung, Sang Su Kim, Tae-Kwon Song
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2005; 47: 353-  
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Structural Investigations of MBE-Grown InAs Layers on GaAs
Sung-Man Kim, Sang-heon Lee, Howoon Kim, Jang-Kyoo Shin, Jae-Young Leem, Jong-Su Kim, Jin-Soo Kim
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2002; 40: 119-  
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