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For Authors

  • Article 1. (Classification of Papers)

    (1) Papers are classified as research papers, letters, brief reports, comments and replies, and review papers.
    (2) (Letters) Letters are papers of a short length with timely and important physical findings, and they are given priority in processing. The length of a Letter is limited to be not more than 4 printed pages. A short memo describing the Letter's importance should be submitted with the manuscript.
    (3) (Brief Reports) Brief Reports are the same as research papers except that the length cannot be more than 4 printed pages.
    (4) (Comments and Replies) Comments include opinions on the papers already published. Replies include answers by the author(s) of the paper commented upon.
    (5) (Review Papers) After consulting with the Executive Editor and the Editorial Board members of the related subjects, the Editor-in-Chief can invite persons to submit Review Paper(s) without refereeing.
    (6) (Papers presented at an international conference, workshop of symposium) The manuscripts presented at a conference, workshop of symposium may be submitted together to the Journal of the Korean Physical Society (hereafter referred to as JKPS) by the organizing committee who wish to publish them in JKPS. In this case, the organizing committee must send a written application form for the submission, available from the KPS, to the Editor-in-Chief at least two months before the conference, workshop or symposium. The Editor-in-Chief and the Executive Editor will judge the appropriateness of the submission to JKPS, and the Editorial Board will make a final decision as to the permission.

  • Article 2. (Submission of Manuscripts)

    (1) Manuscripts should be submitted via online submission system.
    (2) It is recommended that the manuscript be prepared in the LaTeX format. Alternatively, manuscripts prepared in MS Word format or PDF format are acceptable.
    (3) (Express Processing) The authors may choose an express processing of their manuscript when they want to publish it in a shorter time period than usual, by also submitting a short summary describing the reason and by paying a processing fee.

  • Article 3. (Language)

    Manuscripts should be written in English.

  • Article 4. (Format)

    (1) The manuscript should begin with the title and be followed by the names of the authors and their affiliations, the abstract, the PACS numbers, the email address, telephone and fax numbers of the principal author, the text, the reference, the table captions, the tables, the figure (photograph) captions, and the figures (photographs).
    (2) The format of the proceedings of a conferences, workshop or symposium is the same as that of the regular JKPS issues. The name, date, venue, and the organizing committee of the conference, workshop or symposium may be printed of the cover of inside the proceedings.

  • Article 5. (References)

    Each reference should include, in the following order, the names of the authors, the name of the journal, the volume number, the starting page number, and the year of publication. Bold-face is used for the volume number, and the reference number is put in brackets [ ]. When books are referred to, the reference should include, in the following order, the names of the authors, the name of the book, the publishing company, the place of publication, the year of publication, and the referenced section. All references should be located at the end of the manuscript.

    [1] H. K. Kim and D. H. Lee, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 29, 111 (1989).
    [2] H. K. Kim, D. H. Lee, and C. S. Park, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 29, 111 (1989).
    [3] S. J. Putterman, superfluid Hydrodynamics (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1974), Vol. 1, Chap. 1, pp. 100-102.
    [4] H. K. Kim, in Proceedings of the 1999 Spring Meeting of the Korean Physical Society, edited by D. H. Lee (Seoul, Korea, April 23-24, 1999)
    [5] H. K. Kim, Saclay Report No. CEA-R5000, 1999.

  • Article 6. (Tables and Figures)

    (1) The author(s) should indicate the desired placement of the tables and the figures (photographs) within the body of the text by inserting their numbers at the appropriate locations.
    (2) The list of figure (photograph) captions should appear separately from the figures (photographs).
    (3) Figures should have a quality necessary for electronic publishing. Since figures are sized on the basis of their content and detail, the size of lettering should be chosen with this in mind. The figure number (or the title) should be placed outside the figure.

  • Article 7. (Notation of Units)

    Notation of units should follow the international convention [see Sae mulli (New Phys.) 38, 314 (1998)].

  • Article 8. (Galley Proofs)

    In principle, the proof-reading should be done by the author(s). The author(s) are not allowed to revise the text while checking the galley proofs.

  • Article 9. (Charges for Publication)

    (1) Authors are requested to pay a publication fee for a published paper.
    (2) When it is necessary to use high-quality paper(s) for publication, the cost will be charged to the author(s).
    (3) If the manuscript is submitted in other than the LaTeX format, a processing fee for the LaTeX conversion will be charged to the author(s).
    (4) The organizing committee of a conference, workshop or symposium is reasponsible for the full coverage, in principle, of the cost for publication and distribution of the proceedings of the conference, workshop or symposium.

  • Article 10. (Copyright)

    (1) The principal author must provide a signed KPS copyright transfer form with the submission of a manuscript.
    (2) When requesting the publication of the proceedings of a conference, workshop or symposium, the organizing committee must transfer the copyright to the Korean Physical Society.
    (3) Transfer of copyright to the Korean Physical Society becomes effective if and when the article is accepted for publication. After submission of the Copyright Transfer Statement signed by the corresponding author, changes of authorship or in the order of the authors listed will not be accepted by the Korean Physical Society.

  • Article 11. (Code of Ethics)

    (1) In case of the violation of research ethics is found in the published article, i.e. plagiarism, duplicated publication, false report, and etc, the editor-in-chief can summon the ethics committee. The ethics committee is composed of the corresponding editor of the forwarded article, the expert on the relevant field of the article, and the relevant academic organization of the article.
    (2) When the degree of the violation of research ethics is found to be serious, the editor-in-chief can hold a provisional editorial meeting and decide whether the case is forwarded to the KPS Ethics committee.

  • Article 12. (Review of Articles)

    (1) (Review Process) Acceptance of a manuscript in JKPS is determined through rigorous peer-reviewing process. After the Editorial Office assigns an editor, the assigned editor sends the manuscript to two or more referees for peer-review. The assigned referees review the manuscript and their review results are reported to the Editor-in-Chief. Finally, Editor-in-Chief notifies the review results to the corresponding author(s).
    (2) (Objection) If there is any objection to the review results, corresponding author(s) can appeal within 60 days after being notified. Editor-in-Chief has the obligation to notify the results after one more review.
    (3) Details about the review follow the review policy of JKPS.

  • Article 13. (Frequency and Publication date)

    (1) The JKPS publishes semi-monthly (the 15th and the end of each month).
    (2) The JKPS publishes two volumes per year, and 12 issues per volume (24 issues per year).

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