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Categories of Publications

Categories of Publications

Papers are classified as research papers, letters, brief reports, comments and replies, review papers and proceedings.

1. Research Papers

Research Papers are those including original or pioneering contents on a specific topic. They should have the scientific logic.

2. Letters

Letters are papers of a short length with timely and important physical findings, and they are given priority in processing. The Length of a Letter is limited to be not more than 4 printed pages. A short memo describing the Letter's importance should be submitted with the manuscript.

3. Brief Reports

Brief Reports are the same as research papers except that the length cannot be more than 4 printed pages.

4. Comments and Replies

Comments include opinions on the papers already published. Replies include answers by the author(s) of the paper commented upon.

5. Review Papers

Review papers serve to introduce recent findings on important topics. After consulting with the Executive Editor and the Editorial Board members of the related subjects, the Editor-in-Chief can invite professionals to submit Review Paper(s) without refereeing.

6. Proceedings

Proceedings are papers presented at a conference, workshop or symposium. They should have the same level of quality as Research Papers.

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Journal of the Korean Physical Society

pISSN 0374-4884 eISSN 1976-8524