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Author's Checklist

  • 1. General Items

    1-1. Manuscript followed the code of ethics established by this journal.
    1-2. Original manuscript is prepared in order of cover page, title page and main text.
    1-3. Typos, terminologies and sentences of the manuscript are fully checked.
    1-4. Cover page contains title of manuscript, list of all authors (name/affiliation/address. For a corresponding author, add e-mail address/telephone number/fax number), type of paper (See Article 1 of the Instruction to Authors for Publication in Journal of the Korean Physical Society), related field in physics (Ex: nuclear physics), preferred referees.

  • 2. Cover and title page

    2-1. Title page contains title of manuscript, name/affiliation/address of all authors, abstract, PACS numbers, keywords, e-mail address of a corresponding author.
    2-2. Length of abstract is within 600 ~ 0 characters including spaces.
    2-3. The abstract and keyword should not contain displayed mathematical equations, footnotes, references, graphics, or tabular material.
    2-4. Main text is prepared in order of introduction, main body, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgements, references, captions of table (figure, photo), and tables (figures, photos).

  • 3. Main text

    3-1. Main title of main body is experiment (theory) for experimental (theoretical) manuscript. (Small titles can used, if necessary.)
    3-2. Every articles in references are cited in the main text.

  • 4. References (See Article 5 of the Instruction to Authors.)

    4-1. Abbreviated titles of journals are correct.
    4-2. When web sites are cited, citing dates are written in references.
    4-3. When number of authors is larger than 6, names of five authors plus "et al." are used.
    4-4. All figures (photos) are submitted in electronic publishable formats (i.e., png, pdf, with resolution higher than 300 dpi).

  • 5. Tables, figures and photos (See Article 6 of the Instruction to Authors.)

    5-1. Considering reduction of size in final version, sizes of titles, legends and symbols are reasonably large.
    5-2. All units and symbols are written in romans and in italics, respectively.

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January, 2021
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pISSN 0374-4884
eISSN 1976-8524

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Journal of the Korean Physical Society

pISSN 0374-4884 eISSN 1976-8524