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Aims and Scope

The Journal of the Korean Physical Society (JKPS) is an international journal, published semi-monthly by the Korean Physical Society (KPS). Its aim is to dig out and circulate new and original research results in all fields of fundamental, applied, and interdisciplinary physics in a variety of different article types, including Research Articles, Letters, Review Articles, and Comments & Replies. Together with Regular Issues, JKPS publishes Proceedings of international conferences occasionally through the peer-review process.

The standard of the peer-review for proceedings is the same as for regular issues. Besides them, JKPS publishes Topical Reviews, which provide a comprehensive and extensive summary of recent research results in physics and are of current interest to a broader audience. A topical review should aim to summarize the pertinent experimental, theoretical, and computational results. Topical Reviews may be published by invitation or by collaboration with KPS Divisions. All Topical Reviews are subject to peer-review.

The range of topics in JKPS is extensive including

  • • General, Mathematical, and Statistical Physics
  • • Particles and Nuclei
  • • Atoms, Molecules, and Optics
  • • Classical Mechanics of Discrete Systems
  • • Fluids, Plasma, and Phenomenology
  • • Condensed Matter Physics
  • • Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Related Areas of Science and Technology
  • • Geophysics and Astrophysics

ISO code : J. Korean Phys. Soc.


1968. 3. Inaugural issue of the Journal of the Korean Physical Society (JKPS)
  • The first international journal in science and engineering are in Korea.
  • Seven papers included in the inaugural issue.
  • Biannual publication (May and September).
  • The first editor-in-chief was Chung Hum Kim.
  • The first editorial team includes three referees (for JKPS research papers) and two referees for(JKPS short notes).
1968. 10. Volume 1, issue 2 published (included 11 papers).
1969. 4. 26 Election of two JKPS editorial executive directors.
1971. 1. 12 Start to be published in Physics Abstract from volume 4, issue 1
(with the permission of INSPEC).
1975. 4. 29 Expansion of the editorial committee of JKPS : one Chief-in-editor (2-year terms),
five editors (3-year terms), and two editorial managers.
1976 Start to be published in Chemical Abstract.
1979. 12. 24 Increase in the number of editors from five to seven.
1981. 2. 26 The Korean Ministry of Culture and Public Information approved JKPS as the periodical
1984. 5. 25 Quarterly publication (May, June, September, December).
1990 Bimonthly publication.
1991 Publication of a revised edition : enlarged the size of JKPS, 4x6 to 5x7.
1991. 10. 21 The regulation about the publication of a special issue passed
(publication of the subcommittee bulletin).
1992. 11. 23 Indexed by SCI (Scientific Citation Index) by ISI
(Institute for Scientific Information).
1997. 7. Monthly publication.
1999. 5. Constructed the system of online journal for JKPS.
Established an urgent submission system: for authors who request a fast review and
publication within 3 months.
1999. 12. 18 Separation of the editorial committee of JKPS from the editorial committee of "New Physics"
  • JKPS publication team included 1 editor-in-chief, 23 editors (3 foreign editors), and 4 editorial managers).
2001 505 papers published per year.
2008 1122 papers published per year.
2009. 8. Volume 55 published as of Aug. 2009.

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  • eISSN: 1976-8524
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pISSN 0374-4884 eISSN 1976-8524