JKPS 50th Anniversary Special Issue IV
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2018; 73: ~
Published online September 28, 2018 © 2018 The Korean Physical Society.

Long Journey toward the Detection of Gravitational Waves and New Era of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Hyung Mok Lee
Recent Developments in Modular Bootstrap
Jin-Beom Bae, Sungjay Lee
Progress of the KSTAR Research Program Exploring the Advanced High Performance and Steady-State Plasma Operations
Yeong-Kook Oh, Siwoo Yoon, Young-Mu Jeon, Won-Ha Ko, Suk-Ho Hong, Hyung-Ho Lee, Jae-Min Kwon, Minjun Choi, Byung-Ho Park, Jong-Gu Kwak, Woong-Chae Kim, Yong-Un Nam, Sonjong Wang, Jin-Hyun Jeong, Kap-rae Park, Yaung-Soo Kim, Yongkyoon In, Hyeon K. Park, Gunsu Yun, Wonho Choe, Young-Chul Ghim, Yong-Su Na, Y. S. Hwang, KSTAR team
A Few Selected Topics in Extreme Astrophysical Phenomena: Gamma-ray Burst as a Source of Multi-messenger Astrophysics and Cosmic Particles as a Would-be Messenger
I. H. Park, S. Jeong
Mesoscopic Transport Events and the Breakdown of Fick's Law for Turbulent Fluxes
T. S. Hahm, P. H. Diamond
Nanoscale Strain Imaging using Coherent X-ray Light Sources
Dongjin Kim, Sungwook Choi, Kyuseok Yun, Jinback Kang, Jaeseung Kim, Sungwon Kim, Hyunjung Kim
Recent Advances in Synthesis and Assembly of van der Waals Materials
Dongil Chu, Eun Kyu Kim
A Passage to Topological Matter: Colloquium
Kwon Park
Submonolayer Quantum Dots for Optoelectronic Devices
Yeongho Kim, Jun Oh Kim, Sang Jun Lee, Sam Kyu Noh
Quantum Computing Systems: A Brief Overview
Waranont Anukool, Jongseok Lim, Yunheung Song, Jaewook Ahn
Recent Progress in Broadband Carbon Nanotube Saturable Absorbers for Ultrafast Bulk Solid-State Lasers
Fabian Rotermund
Physical Issues and Applications of Resistive Switching Phenomena
Yeon Soo Kim, Bae Ho Park

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