[Review] Mg2BIV: Narrow Bandgap Thermoelectric Semiconductors
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2018; 72: 1095~1109
Published online May 31, 2018 © 2018 The Korean Physical Society.

Korea National University of Transportation, Chungju 27469, Korea
Magnesium compound Mg2BIV (BIV = Si, Ge or Sn) has a favorable combination of physical and chemical properties and can be a good base for the development of new efficient thermoelectrics. Because they possess similar properties to those of group BIV elemental semiconductors, they have been recognized as good candidates for thermoelectric applications. Mg2Si, Mg2Ge and Mg2Sn with an antifluorite structure are narrow bandgap semiconductors with indirect band gaps of 0.77 eV, 0.74 eV, and 0.35 eV, respectively. Thermoelectric properties of Mg2BIV were reviewed: intrinsic Mg2Si, doped Mg2Si:Dm (D = Al, In, Bi, Sb, Te or Se), and solid solutions of intrinsic/doped Mg2Si1-xSnx:Dm and Mg2Si1-xGex:Dm.
PACS numbers: 72.15.Jf, 72.20.Pa
Keywords: Thermoelectric, Magnesium silicide, Mg2Si, Mg2Sn, Mg2Ge

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