A New QMD Code for Heavy-Ion Collisions
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2017; 71: 628~635
Published online October 31, 2017 © 2017 The Korean Physical Society.

1Rare Isotope Science Project, Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon 34047, Korea
2Department of Physics, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 61186, Korea
Correspondence to: Kang Seog Lee
In this article, we introduce our new quantum molecular dynamics (QMD) type code. This code aims to simulate heavy-ion collisions at RAON, a new accelerator complex under construction in Korea. We check the validity of the code by comparison of simulated data with the results from other simulation codes and experiments. In the figure, we plot the density distributions of the colliding two Au nuclei in the reaction plane. For the total time 140 fm/c, the 1000 events averaged density distributions are plotted for every 20 fm/c when the beam energy is 100 MeV/n and the impact parameter is 7 fm. These data are used for comparison with the data from other codes.
PACS numbers: 24.10.Cn, 24.10.Lx, 25.70.-z, 25.70.Mn, 25.70.Pq
Keywords: Transport model, Quantum Molecular Dynamics, Heavy-ion collision

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