Fission Cross-section Measurements of 233U, 245Cm and 241;243Am at CERN n_TOF Facility
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2011; 59: 1912~1915
Published online August 12, 2011 © 2011 The Korean Physical Society.

Neutron-induced fission cross-sections of minor actinides have been measured using the n_TOF white neutron source at CERN, Geneva, as part of a large experimental program aiming at collecting new data relevant for nuclear astrophysics and for the design of advanced reactor systems. The measurements at n_TOF take advantage of the innovative features of the n_TOF facility, namely the wide energy range, high instantaneous neutron flux and good energy resolution. Final results on the fission cross-section of 233U, 245Cm and 243Am from thermal to 20 MeV are here reported, together with preliminary results for 241Am. The measurement have been performed with a dedicated Fast Ionization Chamber (FIC), a fission fragment detector with a very high efficiency, relative to the very well known cross-section of 235U, measured simultaneously with the same detector.
Keywords: neutron-induced fission reactions, Am, Cm, U, ND2010, Nuclear Data, ENDF, n_TOF

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