A New Strain Analysis Model in Epitaxial Multilayer Systems
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2010; 57: 787~792
Published online October 15, 2010 © 2010 The Korean Physical Society.

잸 new strain analysis model, the so-called stress matched model, in an epitaxial multilayer system is proposed. The model makes it possible to know the strain, the stress, and the elastic strain energy in each epitaxial layer. Analytical formulas of strain parameters in each epitaxial layer are derived under the assumptions that the substrate thickness is finite and the in-plane lattice constant is the same for all epitaxial layers for dislocation free growth. As an example, the model applied to a 405nm InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wells (MQWs) laser diode grown on sapphire substrate in order to find optimal material composition and thickness of epitaxially lateral grown AlxGa1-xN template in a view of the minimum average in-plane stress. Analysis result shows that AlxGa1-xN layer with Al mole fraction of 0.06 and the thickness of 6um is a good template for a laser. In fact, this layer structure coincides with one that is experimentally optimized.
Keywords: strain, stress, epitaxy, laser diode,

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