Growth of a CsI:CO3 Crystal and the Measurement of the Light Response of the CsI:CO3 Crystal to Protons
J. Korean Phy. Soc. 2009; 54: 2102~2108
Published online May 15, 2009 © 2009 The Korean Physical Society.

We grew a CsI:CO$_{3}$ single crystal with a concentration of CO$_3$of 0.02 mole percent by using the Czochralski method. We cut thecrystal into a size of 10.3 mm in diameter and 10.9 mm in length. Weinvestigated the luminance characteristics of the CsI:CO$_{3}$crystal including the fluorescence decay time, the energy resolutionand the pulse height spectrum, by using a 661-keV $gamma$-raysource. The light response of the CsI:CO$_{3}$ crystal was measuredfor a proton beam in the energy range from 11 MeV to 36 MeV by usingthe MC-50 cyclotron at the Korea Institute of Radiological andMedical Sciences (KIRAMS) with different thicknesses of aluminumdegraders. We estimated the energies of the proton beam afterpassing through the degraders and 190-cm-thick air by using a MonteCarlo simulation based on the Geant4 simulation toolkit. We showthat the scintillation response of the CsI:CO$_{3}$ crystal to aproton beam in the above energy range is approximately linear.
Keywords: CsI:CO$_{3}$ crystal, Crystal growth, Scintillation detector, Light response, Proton beam

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